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below you can still find the faq's related to the student short film selection:


the student short selection searches for  short film entries from current film school and film course students from around the world.


0. who can submit?

current and last year film school students, film course students or any students from a film related course (film, TV, art, animation etc). if you are unsure about your course email:


1. WHAT can i SUBMIT?

a short film (up to 25 mins) that you have done while on your film course / in film school. 



BY emailING: 


a) a private streaming link to your short film (via YouTube, Vimeo etc.) with a password.

b)  an attached photocopy of your student ID or film course enrolment document

c) In the subject of email write: "student Short Entry 2017/2018 (*insert Your Name*)

3. when to submit?    

before 5pm (gmt) monday 5th of february 2018.

4. how much does it COST to submit?   


there is No entry fee. we work hard to keep it free and also don't charge for the conversion of student short films onto dcp. we do ask you to purchase the tickets for the final screening.


other terms and FAq's:

5. does my short film need to have subtitles?


Non-English films must have English subtitles (unless it's a silent film).

6. what genre can my short film be in? 


your short film can be in any genre or style (music video, documentary, fiction, fantasy, experimental, mockumentary etc. )

7. how long can my short film be?


at the moment we would prefer your short film to be up to 25 minutes long.

8. who can enter the student short film competition?


you must be a current student in a film school or film course and send proof of your attendance (attach student id or enrolment document)

9. where will be the shortlisted short films shown? 



10.  how do i know if my short film is selected?


the shortlisted entrants will be notified by email.

11. if my film is selected, how do i send it to Future meridian film festival?


you will have to transfer it to us by "" or any similar transfer service.

12. what format can i send my film in?


send it in the best format you have  or the format you would screen it on your course. once we receive it, we wILL transform it into dcp FORMAT for the cinema screen for free. (after the festival if you wish, we can send your film in dcp format to you for a separate price, depending on the length of your short film.)

13. can i submit more than 1 short film?



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